Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homeless teens to create 'skyscraper garden' above New York City

homeless-teens-green-roof.jpg Whenever it seems like there's a surplus of doom and gloom running through the headlines, you hear about a story like this: at-risk teenagers staying in Covenant House, a homeless shelter in New York City, have set about cultivating green roofs on skyscrapers around the city. Their goal is to create a citywide "skyscraper garden" across Manhattan. The teens recently completed the first stage of the project, done in collaboration with Seeding the City--planting a green roof on the ninth story of a building in midtown Manhattan.

There, they'll be watering, maintaining, and caring for the seedlings, which will eventually be planted on other roofs around the city. By the time they've finished, they'll have created a veritable citywide skyscraper garden. …

Homeless Teens to Create 'Skyscraper Garden' Above New York City

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