Thursday, July 16, 2009

Navigate subways faster with augmented reality app (video)

 augmented reality subway system image

Seriously. Augmented reality is so cool. Especially when it helps people get greener, such as an app that can make anyone feel comfortable navigating subway systems. We talked about the possibilities of augmented reality on mobile devices last week, and here's the latest awesome application - finding your way through subway systems. Click through to watch a video of AcrossAir's New York Nearest Subway app in action and see how just holding your iPhone in front of you can get you through a transit system.

AcrossAir has a New York version that will launch in Apple's iPhone Apps store as soon as Apple approves it. London and Barcelona versions are also on their way, notes CrunchGear. …

Navigate Subways Faster with Augmented Reality App (Video)

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