Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Y-Carbon’s tunable nanoporous carbon hits high note for green jobs

 Y-Carbon's plans to manufacture tunable nanoporous carbon in depressed factory regions.

Y-Carbon, a company founded by scientists at Drexel University and Georgia Tech, is looking to bring new green jobs to old factory regions with a low-cost process for manufacturing nanoporous carbon.  The process can be adjusted, or tuned, to produce a material with precisely sized pores.  Nanoporous carbon has an enlarged surface area which makes it ideal for water filtration, desalination, and certain medical treatments.  The real excitement, though, is in the use of nanoporous carbon to improve the storage capacity of supercapacitors.  It could lead to a breakthrough in storage technology for a wide variety of sustainable energy applications including solar and wind generators. …

Y-Carbon’s Tunable Nanoporous Carbon Hits High Note for Green Jobs

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