Friday, July 24, 2009

US states to harvest clean energy from highways

cleant-energy-roads photo

Photo via Solar Power Rocks

Roads are teeming with possibilities for clean energy generation--they could be lined with small wind turbines, accompanied by solar arrays, even generate energy from speed bumps. And as this potential is growing in recognition, a number of states have jumped on board with some fascinating projects designed to harvest clean energy from their roadways.

According to Green Inc,

A few states are already dabbling in roadside energy production. Last year, Oregon began a “solar highway” demonstration project with a 104-kilowatt ground-mounted solar array situated at the interchange of Interstates 5 and 205. The array powers about a third of the lights on the interchange. Massachusetts recently announced a plan to install a utility-scale wind turbine – big enough to power 400 households – on land adjacent to the Massachusetts Turnpike’s Blandford Rest Area.
And states with thousands of miles of roads through relatively barren land (read: California) stand to reap huge benefits by harvesting energy from roads--and entrepreneurs have taken note. …

US States to Harvest Clean Energy From Highways

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