Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Super secretive supercapacitor CEO tells all in leaked phone call


eestor-powered Zenn electric car

In what appears to be a huge leak, the notoriously secretive Dick Weir of Eestor did a phone call with someone that got out, copied, transcribed and put up on TheEEStory.com. We have been losing hope that the eeStor ultracap would ever arrive, but it appears that a car that charges in minutes and runs for hours, a wind turbine that stores its own energy, notebook computers and cellphones that charge in seconds and run for days could be months, not years, away. Tyler Hamilton of Clean Break, who has spoken to Weir a few times, confirms that it is his voice. He also does a great summary of the conversation. …

Super Secretive Supercapacitor CEO Tells All in Leaked Phone Call

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