Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fresh hope for world's fisheries

Technology has made modern vessels very efficient at landing fish. Fishing vessel (Image: CSIRO)

By Mark Kinver , Science and environment reporter, BBC News

There is fresh hope that the world's depleted fisheries can be saved from collapse, say a team of researchers.

They said that efforts introduced to halt overfishing in five of the 10 large marine ecosystems they examined were showing signs of success.

A combination of measures - such as catch quotas, no-take zones, and selective fishing gear - had helped fish stocks recover, they added.

Details of the two-year study by 19 marine scientists appear in Science.

However, the team warned, a large percentage of the world's fisheries remained unmanaged, so much work still had to be done to halt the damage caused by overfishing. …

Fresh hope for world's fisheries

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