Wednesday, January 28, 2009

World's first hybrid solarized gas turbine power station

Yavne, Israel (SPX) Jan 29, 2009 - An Israeli company called AORA has developed the world's first modular Hybrid Solarized Gas Turbine Power Station to provide affordable and customizable green energy solutions around-the-clock.

AORA's ultra-high concentrating solar power (CSP) technology and unique modular solutions allow for quick and easy construction of power plants and require less land to generate more usable power and heat.

It also costs significantly less than other solar energy systems, making green energy a viable option for villages, communities, utilities and industrial use throughout the world.

The company's innovative scalable solutions are comprised of very small modular units (100kw / 170kw heat) which are linked together into centrally controlled power plants, customized to client demand. Each mirror unit (heliostat) follows the sun and directs its rays towards the top of a 30 meter-high tower housing a special solar receiver along with a 100kw gas turbine engine.

World's First Hybrid Solarized Gas Turbine Power Station
Wed, 28 Jan 2009 23:59:51 GMT

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