Tuesday, January 12, 2010

British police extremist unit in climate hack case

Map of earth temperature. The Climate Change Unit has built up a worldwide reputation

A police unit set up to support forces dealing with extremism in the UK is helping investigate the leaking of climate change data in Norfolk.

In November it was revealed that the computer server at the Climate Change Unit at the University of East Anglia had been hacked and e-mails leaked.

An inquiry was started by Norfolk Police.

Now it has been revealed the force is getting help from the National Domestic Extremism Unit, based in Huntingdon.

A spokesman for the unit said: "At present we have two police officers assisting Norfolk with their investigation, and we have also provided computer forensic expertise.

"While this is not strictly a domestic extremism matter, as a national police unit we had the expertise and resource to assist with this investigation, as well as good background knowledge of climate change issues in relation to criminal investigations."  …

The files stolen from the computer include documents, detailed data and private e-mails exchanged between leading climate scientists.

Norfolk Police said: "The UEA continues to co-operate with the enquiry, however major investigations of this nature are of necessity very detailed and as a consequence can take time to reach a conclusion.”

Extremist unit in climate hack case

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