Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Self-sufficient Detroit? Urban food revolution in Motor City

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Image credit: Guernica/Jonathan LaRocca

When Adam Stein criticized vertical farms and urban agriculture as "pie in the sky", his principle argument was that downtown urban real estate was too valuable for growing food, and that it would be better served by high-density, efficient housing and businesses, served by a local network of farms in the suburbs. He might have a point in thriving cities like NYC, or Chicago, where it seems hard to envision truly downtown agriculture taking off any time soon - but urban agriculture in Detroit is a whole different kettle of fish. With houses in Detroit going for under $2000, it seems the city might be fertile ground for folks seeking a different model of urban development. In fact, Mark Dowie over at Guernica claims that Detroit could feed itself - and it would be the first US city to do so. To prove his point, he set out to meet people who are trying to make it happen. …

Self-Sufficient Detroit? Urban Food Revolution in Motor City

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