Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revealed: 5 "grassroots" groups funded by Dirty Energy


Photo via Kentucky Coal

If a band of coal and oil execs decided to spread the message about the evils of climate bill—how it would force them to close refineries and coal plants, cause miners to lose their jobs, and "cripple our economy"—who would pay attention? If they showed up to anti-climate bill rallies--in limos, perhaps—to talk about how the climate bill was going to cost them 23 cents a day to kick start an attempt to avert global disaster, would anyone care? 'Course not. That's why these dirty energy execs have rounded up 'regular folks' (like their employees) to spread the message for them. They've organized a slew of fake 'citizen groups' whose aim is to appear like they're just a band of riled up everyday people who firmly believe the climate bill will destroy everything they hold dear.

These following groups are nothing but fronts whipped up by big oil and coal to protect their interests…

Revealed: 5 "Grassroots" Groups Funded by Dirty Energy

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