Monday, April 13, 2009

Slow freight: sail power is actually faster than containerships today

 pruessen sailing ship photo

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The always fascinating Low-Tech Magazine notes that the big container ships are taking it very slow these days, cruising at ten knots instead of their usual 26 knots, to save fuel. They point out that this is actually slower than sailing freighters travelled a hundred years ago.

The German Preussen (picture above), the largest sailing ship ever built, was launched in 1902 and travelled mainly between Hamburg (Germany) and Iquique (Chile)....The best average speed over a one way trip was 13.7 knots. …

Slow Freight: Sail Power is Actually Faster Than Containerships Today


Paul_Sch said...

And sail transport is already active here in the Puget Sound. At the recent Greenfestival in Seattle, I saw my friend Dave, who has started the "Sail Transport Network." You can now get organic veggies transported without the use of hydrocarbons; see

Jim said...

STN, very cool!