Sunday, April 5, 2009

Port of Los Angeles to install 1.6 million square feet of rooftop solar panels (10 MW) over next five years

Photo: Port of Los Angeles

Though it can't claim the prize for the world's largest rooftop solar power array, the announcement by the Port of Los Angeles that it will be installed solar panels over 71,500 square feet of its World Cruise Center roof by the end of the year is decidedly impressive; what's even more impressive are the expansion plans in the works:

Initially $9 million will be spent building the initial phase of the project, which will generate 1 megawatt of electricity. That's impressive, but the next phases are when the real power starts mounting: Within five years and additional 1.16 million square feet of solar panels are planned to be installed, generating 10 megawatts of power. …

Port of Los Angeles to Install 1.16 Million Square Feet of Rooftop Solar Panels (10 MW) Over Next Five Years

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