Sunday, March 8, 2009

Greenscreen modular trellis panels

From Jetson Green:


Green Screen is certainly not a new product, but the modular trellis panels are versatile enough to, in my estimation, inspire someone to put them to new use.  Or use them to create something unique or innovative.  The elements of the system are simple, with just the planter, panels, and the plants -- if you have the time to wait for the design to grow in, you can create a pretty unique looking living wall, fence, column, curve, or practically any other shape.  The panels are made with 14 gauge galvanized steel and are available in ~ six colors. 


Green Screen sells the panels, and purchasers can then use their own contractor or landscape professional to do the installation (or do it themselves).  The company estimates that the average cost will be in the ballpark of $12 - $20 per square foot for materials and labor. …


[+] Green Screen Fall 2008 Catalog in PDF



Photo credits: Green Screen.

Greenscreen Modular Trellis Panels

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