Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear deniers and cranks: Earth Hour made a difference



To all those deniers, cranks, wingnuts and spoilsports who said they were going to turn on their lights, that the generators have to keep running anyways, and that Earth Hour will make no difference, suck on this:

1) Gas and coal fired plants dial up and down all the time to adjust for peak load, so an event like Earth Hour is actually turning down the dirtiest fossil fuel burners, taking it right off the top.

2) In the City of Toronto where I live, to paraphrase a local site, power consumption looked like the Dow JonesScryve Corporate Social Responsibility Rating Industrial Index, dropping 15%.

Save the comments about the CO2 from candles, we know.

Dear Deniers and Cranks: Earth Hour Made a Difference

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aram shumavon said...

This is a bit more complicated than the generalization that was made; one can't just assume it's the dirtiest power plants that are turned off or that other, dirty power plants are turned on for other reasons. I'll write a proper post on this later.