Tuesday, February 24, 2009

‘Revolutionary’ solar tech ready for prime time


International Automated Systems Inc. (IAS) says it will be providing Renewable Energy Development Corporation (REDCO) with its cutting-edge solar panels and new bladeless turbine for utility-scale solar projects.

A third-party analysis for REDCO found that IAS’s technology is not only commercially viable for such projects, but could outperform more conventional solar energy systems.

IAS said the analysis demonstrated that its technology has a higher overall annual efficiency — nearly 24 percent — than either photovoltaic or traditional concentrated solar power systems. In fact, it said its solar thermal power plant “needs to convert only 5 percent of the gross annual solar energy hitting its panels to electricity in order to compete with the lowest priced solar technology available today.”

“After careful analysis of their technology and of the independent reviews conducted verifying their projections, I believe that the IAS technology is unique, revolutionary and ready for commercial application,” said Ryan Davies, president and CEO of REDCO. “I believe that the IAS turbine combined with their solar panels and heat exchanger will produce reliable solar energy at a fraction of the cost of traditional solar.”

‘Revolutionary’ solar tech ready for prime time

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