Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scientist sneaks science into Heartland Institute meeting

Heartland Institute, the premier source of denialist anti-science, would have been expecting a presentation on the “myth of global warming” – instead they got “myths about global warming.” Clever!

Professor A. Scott Denning

By Michael Tobis

Apparently Prof. Scott Denning of Colorado State has tricked the Heartland Institute into accepting a talk entitled "Debunking Common Myths About Global Warming" for their annual conference caucus this year.

The joke is on them. It turns out that the presentation is quite excellent! (Well, except that it's a Microsoft PowerPoint (with heavy use of Comic Sans) but if you can put up with that, here you go.)

Update: In comments, Heartland Institute people claim they knew exactly what they were doing when they invited Prof. Denning to speak – you see, Heartland encourages debate, unlike those close-minded scientists

Scientist Sneaks Science into Heartland Meeting

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