Sunday, April 4, 2010

Canada approves Enviropig™ -- piglets inherit genetic modifications for cleaner manure

pig genetic alteration is inherited photo

 Image: Scott Bauer, ARS.USDA

Piglets Inherit Genetic Modification Canada has approved limited production of animals dubbed "enviropigs™," a genetically modified breed of pigs producing up to 65% less phosphorous in pig poo and urine. The pigs pass the genetic modification along to their young, as well. The very idea that a genetically modified animal rates the moniker "enviro-" points to the severity of the issue addressed by the science behind these pigs. Phosphorous is a fertilizer. Phosphorous in animal and human wastes runs off or discharges to surface waters, where it spurs large algal blooms. The algae use up the oxygen in the water, leaving behind a "dead zone," an area of lake, river, or ocean where nothing can live due to the hypoxic conditions. …

Canada Approves Enviropig™, Piglets Inherit Genetic Modifications for Clean Manure

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