Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So I sent a note to the ICO

This is probably futile, but what the heck.
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I'm curious to know more about the alleged breaches committed by the University of East Anglia after the vexatious FoI requests submitted by ClimateAudit[1]. UEA has publicly defended itself by saying, "The ICO's opinion that we had breached the terms of Section 77 is a source of grave concern to the university as we would always seek to comply with the terms of the act. During this case we have sought the advice of the ICO and responded fully to any requests for information." [2]
Is it the case that UEA worked with ICO during the FoI request blizzard[3]? In the wake of the hacking attack on UEA computers, there is intense interest in the climate science community to reconstruct the exact sequence of events.
Thank you in advance.
Update: ICO replied on 31 March 2010: ICO responds to Desdemona’s ‘Climategate’ query.

Posted through ICO’s contact form.

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