Friday, February 26, 2010

Petition: Stand up for Climate Science

Here’s Philip Machanick’s petition. But be careful -- if you sign, you might end up on Sen. Inhofe’s hit list. “Are you now, or have you ever been, a supporter of climate science?”


To:  General Public

Personal attacks on scientists are not the way to conduct a scientific debate. Stealing emails, magnifying the significance of errors and invoking conspiracy theory is no substitute for reasoned evidence-based debate. Yet in the field of climate science, where understanding the issues correctly is essential to developing sound public policy, this kind of attack is under way, and has replaced almost all reasoned debate in the popular media. Despite all this, no evidence has been presented that suggests climate scientists have made more than the usual number of errors you can expect any a field of science. Further, no one has presented a credible alternative theory, the usual approach to overturning a scientific theory.

We the undersigned object strenuously to vicious personal attacks, and support climate scientists such as Michael Mann and Phil Jones in their right to undertake their scientific endeavours without being treated like criminals when they make the slightest mistake or say anything that a scientifically illiterate member of the public may misconstrue.

For more detail of why the author set up this petition, see


The Undersigned

Stand up for Climate Science

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