Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Superfreakonomics authors abandon climate science

So embarrassing.

The authors of SuperFreakonomics simultaneously insist they accept the science — “Like those who are criticizing us, we believe that rising global temperatures are a man-made phenomenon” — while at the same time labeling global warming a “religion” (see here).  And we’ve seen one award-winning journalist explain “Freakonomics Guys Flunk Science of Climate Change.”  But now, as this stunning Charlie Rose video shows, we have the clearest demonstration that both Levitt and Dubner don’t accept and don’t understand the science.  This is a Wonk Room repost. …

[JR:  I don't know what is more jaw-dropping -- Levitt's response backpedaling on basic climate science or Dubner's "explanation."  For the record, Dubner has the science exactly backwards: Removing the aerosols didn't show carbon dioxide was less important to warming -- it showed it was more important! …

Superfreakonomics authors abandon climate science

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